Snapchat Quietly Acquired AI Factory For $166M

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Victor Shaburov, Looksery’s founder who subsequently proceeded to become Snap’s manager of technology leaving to launch and direct AI Factory — failed to supply a comment for the story. Cameos, established last month, allows you to shoot a selfie, that will be then mechanically”revived” and added to a brief video. The choice of movies, now around 150, is made by Snap, with the entire idea not as the one underpinning”deepfakes” — even AI-based movies which seem”actual” but are really items that never actually occurred. Videos have existed for a little short time. From what I know, although AI Factory has offices in San Francisco, the team of around 70’s vast majority is located from Ukraine. Part of the group will relocate with the bargain, and the portion will remain there. Snap had been an investor at AI Factory.

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